Keeping Your Automatic Car Wash Properly Supplied

Running a car wash can be an excellent type of business for individuals to operate due to the relatively low labor requirements that it may require. However, it is still necessary to oversee the full range of logistical needs that it will have. Otherwise, your car wash could run out of the supplies that it needs to keep your customers satisfied and coming back.

Replacement Water And Air Filters For The Equipment

Much of the equipment that an automatic car wash will utilize may need to have air and water filters installed. These filters can remove impurities that would otherwise be capable of impacting the performance of these systems. Making sure to always keep replacement filters in-stock can allow you to quickly change out the filters when they start to approach the end of their lifespans.

Nozzle Cleaning Solutions

The spray nozzles that your customers may use to clean their vehicles can become coated in a thick layer of mineral deposits over time. These deposits may impair the flow of water from the nozzle, which can compromise the ability of your customers to use them to clean their vehicles. Periodically soaking these nozzles in a solution that can dissolve these deposits will restore the full flow of water. The frequency that this will be needed can vary depending on the hardness of the water that is being supplied to your car wash facility. If the water is particularly hard, these minerals may be able to accumulate rapidly, which can lead to these solutions needing to be used more frequently.

Replacement Scrubbers

Automatic car washes will often have large scrubbers that can thoroughly clean the entire exterior of a vehicle. Despite being designed to be durable, these scrubbers can become extremely worn by the frequent use that they may experience at a busy car wash. Unfortunately, failing to replace these scrubbers can lead to damage occurring to the vehicles of your clients as the worn scrubbers may have rough areas that could leave scratches and scrapes in the exterior paint of cars. While your car wash equipment will be designed so that the scrubbers can be easily removed, you will need to make sure that you have them in stock to be able to swap them out. If you fail to keep these critical supplies available, you may need to shut down this part of the car wash until you can have replacements delivered. Otherwise, the scratches and scrapes that could be left behind may cause individuals to avoid using your facility in the future. 

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