Complementary Items To Give Car Wash Customers A Value-Added Experience

A self-serve car wash can be a lucrative business, but offering some complimentary items to your customers can provide a value-added experience. These free giveaways can result in repeat business, giving you the edge on the competition. Here are just some items you might want to consider providing free of charge in your self-serve car wash.

Temporary License Plate Bags

New owners of a used car might make the car wash their first destination after their purchase. This often means they are left with a temporary cardboard license plate, which can be susceptible to water damage and dirt. License plate bags provide a way to protect the temporary tags, shielding them from damage and ensuring they remain visible while on the road. You can purchase temporary license plate bags in bulk, making them available in your car wash's main office for easy access. Offering free tag bags can help make your car wash a popular destination with new car owners.

Paper Floor Mats

Paper floor mats can help protect newly vacuumed and cleaned carpets from dirt, mud, and debris. Car owners who have just finished washing their vehicles can use them to prevent wet shoes from making a mess inside the clean interior. Consider having these disposable paper mats custom-printed with your car wash's name and address to reinforce your brand and invite repeat business. Be sure to offer sizes that fit both the front and back seats for added convenience.

Wet Towel Pouches

Prepackaged wet towels can be used to clean everything from rear and side-view mirrors to windshields, making it easy for customers to finish cleaning their vehicles. These wipes come individually packaged for easy distribution and feature cleaning solution to help remove dirt, dust, and grime to leave glass surfaces and car dashboards sparkling clean. Offer up a wipe to each customer visiting your establishment as a perfect finishing touch for their car wash.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners help the inside of your customers' cars and trucks smell as good as they look. They can be purchased in bulk for an affordable price, making them an ideal option for a complimentary car wash bonus. Consider popular scents, such as evergreen, new car, or lemon for your customers. You can purchase just one scent, but you may want to provide a variety for customers to choose from for added convenience.

If your car wash doesn't have a manned office and you are unsure about how to distribute these items, consider purchasing custom-printed plastic bags with your car wash's name and logo on them. It might also be a good idea to add a label listing all included items packed inside. You can then package the items for your customers so they can grab one and go.