How Washing Your Car Regularly Protects Its Exterior Along With Its Resale Value

While most people think of car washes as purely cosmetic, they play an important role in protecting your car's exterior from being damaged by rust and corrosion. Regular car washing helps preserve the resale value of your car and protect its integrity. When your car's clear coat and paint wear away due to corrosion, it exposes the bare metal of the exterior. Your car then becomes susceptible to rust, which can spread and cause severe damage to its body. Here's why taking your car to a car wash regularly is an important part of protecting it from damage.

Removes Corrosive Material Before It Damages Your Car's Exterior

Pools of water on the side of the road or in parking lots often contain chemicals such as pesticides, motor oil, and gasoline. When you drive over a puddle and splash these solvents onto the exterior of your car, they begin to eat away at your car's clear coat. When you wash your car regularly, harmful chemicals are removed before they have a chance to damage your car.

Dead insects often have slightly acidic blood that can corrode your car's exterior. Some insects, such as love bugs, are notorious for quickly ruining a car's paint job. If you frequently run into insect swarms and collect piles of dead bugs on your car, you should remove them regularly to prevent your car's exterior from being damaged by the acid.

Washes Away Rust-Promoting Road Salt

If you live in an area that salts its roads during the winter, you should wash your car regularly. When your drive on the salted, icy slush, your tires will kick some of the road salt up into your car's undercarriage. Road salt promotes rust and corrosion, and it remains on the surface until it's washed off. When you take your car to an automated car wash or a car wash service that washes the underside of your car, you'll remove the road salt and save your undercarriage from rapid corrosion.

Provides a Dirt-Free Surface for Car Wax

Most people think of waxing their car as something that makes it look new and shiny. While this is true, car wax also acts as a barrier that protects your car's clear coat and paint from corrosion. Regularly waxing your car helps prevent damage to its exterior.

The best time to wax your car is shortly after it's washed. Car wax adheres better to a surface that's entirely free of dirt and dust. The wax won't wash off as easily and does a better job protecting your car. Waxing your car yourself isn't difficult, but it can take an hour or two. If you don't want to take the time to do it yourself you can drop your car off at an auto detailing service that will wax your car for you. You'll have enough time to eat lunch or dinner and then return to a freshly-waxed car.

When you protect your car's exterior by washing it regularly, you help to maintain its resale value. Repainting a car at an auto body shop is often quite expensive, so it's important to prevent the initial damage from occurring. Find a car wash near you and use it regularly – some car washes even offer discounts for patrons who bring in their car weekly, which further reduces the price of regular car wash services.

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