When You Don't Have Time For A Car Wash But You Need One: Solutions

Would it not be nice if you could just stick your car in a dishwasher-type device to get it clean while you work on other things? Unless you literally live above a car wash, you cannot do this. That means you must get in the car, drive to a car wash, and wait your turn to go through, or drive through a DIY car wash station. Going through all these steps can complicate your day because there is so much else you need to do. There are some very helpful solutions to this problem, if you do not mind other people touching your car.

Mobile Auto Cleaning

Cats and dogs can receive a mobile grooming service, so why can't your car? There are professional service providers out there with truck-mounted steam cleaners, pressurized water jets, shampooers, and buffing tools to make your car look like a million bucks. Some of them also do interior cleaning. The best part is your car never has to leave the driveway until you are ready to get in it and drive off. That leaves you with plenty of time to change clothes, get dressed for an evening out, or do some other chores about the house. Just contact a local mobile auto cleaning service, such as Supreme-Drive Cleaning and Detail.

The Local Teenagers

Stick an ad in your front yard to hire a teen car washer and you will undoubtedly have plenty of applicants. Between babysitting, mowing lawns, and car washing, there are only a few jobs teens can get that do not require a vehicle. Additionally, because teens do not have to pay taxes on these cash jobs, they are more inclined to take them. If you offer something really reasonable, say twenty to forty dollars based on a job done or done well, most teens may jump at the chance. Make it a regular thing, and you will never have to worry about taking your car to a car wash again.

Your Kids

Pre-teens always want to make some money too. If you have pre-teens in the house, they could clean your car for even less than what you would pay the teenager next door. This is the absolute, rock-bottom price on car washes. While it will not come close to the professional clean of the mobile car wash, in a tight pinch it will do. Most pre-teens would wash the family car for ten to fifteen bucks, although that is up to you, the parent, to decide what you want to pay the kid.